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Victorian taxi industry reforms to be introduced nationally

In October 2011 in submission #77 to the Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry it was stated that other states & territories in Australia would follow the ground-breaking reforms proposed in that submission.

Indeed, the Draft and Final Reports of the Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry echoed that view.

Dr David Cousins and Professor Allan Fels have both ventured across the border into New South Wales and went as far as the capital Sydney.

Professor Allan Fels was featured in a very recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald concerning the need for taxi reform in New South Wales.

Michael Jools of the Australian Taxi Drivers Association Inc. provided submissions to the Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry and was invited to Melbourne to attend the taxi industry briefing held when the Draft Report of the TII was released on 31st May, 2012.

He also appeared (at position #2) before the inquiry at the Public Hearings of the Victorian inquiry.

Michael has had quite a bit of interaction with ex-Commissioner of the TSC Dr David Cousins - in Melbourne and also in Sydney as joint-attendees at meetings of the NSW Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

Michael has also been in constant contact with the PDA (usually by 'phone and about five times a week) for several months.

He now believes that bailee taxi drivers in New South Wales will never be paid properly under the existing (New South Wales) taxi business model.

He, like a number of thinking people, believes that the NSW taxi industry needs to be revolutionised and that the single owner/driver model for taxis and the introduction of PBO's will open up the 'closed shop' to competition and will provide an opportunity for taxi drivers in New South Wales to own their own taxi or PBO.

Sydney taxi drivers currently earn about $10.48 per hour compared with Melbourne bailee drivers who have to try and exist on about $13.00 per hour.

Taxi fares in Sydney are about 32% higher than in Melbourne.

Where does all the money go?

Not to bailee drivers!

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