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The Professional Drivers' Association website is now being visited by thousands each month and we have decided to add a “rolling news” page which will feature articles from around the world about taxis, hire cars and related industry topics.

This page will be regularly updated to provide a concise and easily accessible source of news and trends in point-to-point travel markets.

Shortly, the PDA will commence publishing regular Newsletters which will complement the "rolling news" page.  However, the Newsletters will explore industry issues in greater depth.


When it is all about SERVICE, taxis are in big trouble!


Despite the growing number of limos and for-hire cars on city streets, the number of trips per taxi, per day hovered around 20 between 2005 and 2012. This stability might suggest that, rather than siphoning-off taxi passengers, limos and for-hire are attracting some customers who weren’t taking cabs in the past.

Near the end of the nearly two-hour Power Point presentation, the consultants slammed traditional Seattle cabbies for their poor customer service. “Expectations are low, but service is worse,”

New South Wales taxi fare review - tiny increase in late-night surcharges only on Friday & Saturday nights

Those charged with setting taxi fares just "don't get it!"  The reason that taxis do not work (in Sydney) is because drivers earn just $10.90 per hour!
The Taxi Council of New South Wales sticks  oar in again in waters far outside its mandate!

"We have found that there are some who cannot speak any English at all!"

 Taxi drivers sitting tests in English but they have no English at all!




Ingogo raises an additional $1,000,000 capital to expand Australian business

Smart app company Ingogo has eyes set on expansion.....



Uber and Lyft in head-to-head tussle

Free rides and a whole lot more....




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Underground Market For Taxi Permits in San Diego

When taxi licences are limited in a market criminal activity is guaranteed. Issuing new licences with no cap on numbers overcomes black market & corrupt payments....


Boston taxi industry needs a major overhaul - business model inappropriate


The Boston taxi industry is in urgent need of reform...


Federal agents raid Boston taxi company over alleged tax avoidance, false record-keeping, bribes & kick-back commissions

Taxi moguls never seem to be happy with what they have and, allegedly, resort to massive tax fraud, false accounting, acceptance of kick-back commissions...



New Taxi Commission Chair Graham Samuel takes over Fels' baby - root & branch taxi reform in Victoria


 Read about the enormous challenge for new Taxi Commission Chair...



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