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Ballarat Taxi Survey

This Ballarat Taxi Survey is designed to provide you with the opportunity to respond on various matters regarding Victorian taxi services.  You will be able to comment on taxi reliability, affordability and accessibility and also on taxi driver knowledge and service delivery.

On 28th September 2012, government was handed the Final Report of the Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry. The inquiry was chaired by Professor Allan Fels AO and the report was finalised after nearly 18 months of consultation with industry stakeholders. The Final Report suggests that the Victorian taxi industry is in decline with falling service levels, poor driver training and remuneration and, consequently, a bleak future outlook for passengers.

The PDA is pleased to give you an opportunity to speak directly to Victorian politicians as all survey resullts will be electronically forwarded to government.  No personal details or information will be disclosed as only summarised statistical data will be published.

Thank you for participating in this unique survey which is designed to persuade politicians to make significant changes to Victorian taxi services.

If you would like to advise friends about this survey, please use the "email a friend" function.


Bilos Adam
Secretary - Professional Drivers' Association Inc. (A0058062V)

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*Question 1.

How often do you catch a taxi?


*Question 2.

What is the most common reason(s) for your taxi journey?  You may choose more than one but, perhaps, three will be plenty. 


*Question 3.

What is your opinion about the cost of taxis?


*Question 4.

What age-group are you in?


Question 5.

What income bracket matches your annual income?  This question is optional.


*Question 6.

Do you have and use a government taxi subsidy card (this is known as an M40 or M31 card allied to the Multi Purpose Taxi Program)?


*Question 7.

What is the average fare for a typical taxi trip taken by you?


*Question 8.

When booking a taxi (telephone, with driver, smart app. etc) which taxi company do you usually use?

*Question 9.

How do you find the service performance of this taxi company?


*Question 10.

Do you have problems with aspects of the taxi service provided by this taxi company? Please choose from the following - more than one choice can be made.


*Question 11.

Do you use a wheelchair or scooter and, therefore, need to use a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi? If you answer 'Yes' to this question. please complete the following WAT-related question No 12. If you answered 'No' to this question, proceed directly to question No 13.


Question 12.

Have you experienced long delays when you have booked a WAT, does the driver always do a good job of loading/unloading your wheelchair or scooter, does the driver securely strap your wheelchair or scooter and always fit your seatbelt properly?  Please check matters that are unsatisfactory.


*Question 13.

Would you welcome the introduction of taxi reforms as proposed by Professor Allan Fels AO and which the Victorian government is now considering?  The adoption of these reforms would mean more taxis, cheaper fares, better trained and better paid drivers, greater choices with more taxi companies and new services (such as "Share Ride" systems)


*Question 14.

Very few taxi users realise that a surcharge of 10% or 11% is added to the metered fare, tolls and airport parking fees when paying for their fare using a card (any card including EFTPOS, credit cards or debit cards).

There is no escaping this surcharge in taxis. If the fare is $100.00 you will pay $100.00 if you pay cash but, if you pay using any card you will pay $111.00.

This costs Australian taxi users over $100,000,000 EVERY YEAR.

The Fels proposals for taxi reform suggets that this surcharge should be reduced to 5% (50% of the present impost) and that this matter should be looked at again "when fares are reviewed." The Reserve Bank of Australia has recently ruled that the surcharge should be "equal to the cost of the acceptance of the card." Visa and Mastercard suggest that this could be in the range 0.8% to a little over 2%.

It has been suggested that the surcharge should be included in the price and that a small factor (say 0.8%) would cover the cost of card acceptance in taxis.

What do you believe the card-surcharge should be?


Question 15.

We at the PDA hope that you found this survey interesting, that you now hold hope that your taxi services will improve in the future and that you appreciate the opportunity to (at last!) have a convenient and direct method of providing 'your story' about your taxi experiences and views.

If you have a specific complaint about taxi services, please complete our convenient and secure online "Complaints Form" on this PDA website.  We will ensure that your complaint is forwarded to the Taxi Services Commission so that they may guage industry performance and take decisions to improve taxi services.

We ask that you get all of your friends to join you and complete this survey - just use the "Email a Friend" link at the bottom of the page.

Before the 30th January 2013 (the closing date for public input to government on the Fels taxi reforms) we will contact you and provide you with an opportunity to "have your say" to all politicians about what YOU want - more, better, cheaper and reliable taxis and "Share Ride" systems.

Finally, we invite you to make a "free text" statement about anything to do with taxis and taxi services.  This is your opportunity to 'get it off your chest' and to get things out into the open.


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