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Our Bridges

Laboring under the long-standing, but flawed, industry business model, the Australian taxi industry has delivered  declining service levels.  This is because there are far too many people taking revenue from passengers and directing that money to a number of things instead of ploughing investment back into the services that the public deserve.

Taxi licence holders, licence brokers, taxi companies, taxi owners and operators do very well from their peripheral activities but drain the industry of sorely-needed funds necessary to attract, train and retain drivers.

The result is that taxi services have never been as bad as they now are and the levels of service and customer satisfaction have plummeted to historic lows.

The introduction of competition will lead to the arrest of the industry decline and will set the scene for an industry of the future attuned to 21st century needs and will deliver reliable, affordable and innovative new services.

The Professional Drivers' Association Inc. believes that a partnership directly linking passengers and drivers is the only way to 'stop the rot' which has almost destroyed public confidence in taxi services.

The number of passenger-trips is declining, passengers have never been so frustrated and angry about their taxi service and it is time to rebuild trust to set the industry on a growth path to deliver more choices, greater reliability, lower fares and a revolutionised business model.

Our website banner carries images of well-known bridges in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. The Professional Drivers' Association Inc. is a national body and we have indicated this by depicting iconic bridges in each of six capital cities.

We believe that taxi services need to be significantly improved in all states and territories of Australia.

The PDA invites you to partner with us as, together, we build bridges directly connecting passengers and drivers who, after all, are the two important groups in the industry. 


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