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The Professional Drivers' Association Inc. (A0058062V) was formed in July 2012 to represent the interests of single owner taxi drivers and Hire Car drivers. Although registered in Victoria, it is a national umbrella body and is available to foster the business success of all financial members.

It aims to focus on the challenges faced by an industry that is undergoing rapid transformation as governments relax the fully-protected market place and move towards a deregulated environment.

As the move is made to a less-regulated market, opportunities will open up for new entrants to offer point-to-point travel services (taxis, Hire Cars, etc.) and the PDA will be able to assist new owner/drivers establish successful self-owned businesses.

Other organisations that exist are primarily concerned with looking after major taxi companies (NSP's) and some represent bailee drivers.

The PDA will produce regular national and state-based newsletters, maintain this website and engage with governments and regulators to promote the introduction of innovative changes to a range of point-to-point travel options appropriate in the 21st century.

During the course of the Victorian Taxi Industry Inquiry, it became abundantly clear that the taxi industry has been in decline for some time. Concerningly high levels of customer complaints, an extremely high turnover of bailee drivers, poor driver remuneration and a complete lack of innovative forward-planning were stark findings made by the inquiry.

The opportunities presented in a future competitive market place will break the monopolies that have flourished in a fully regulated environment, will lead to well-rewarded career paths for drivers conducting their own mini-businesses and will provide the travelling public with a choice of new services that are affordable, accessible, safe and reliable.

The PDA recognises that proper reform of the industry will take time and that there will be some challenging transitional hurdles.  One of those is the need to significantly improve the working conditions and earnings of tens of thousands of bailee drivers working in the existing model while, concurrently, moving towards the single owner/driver model.

Agreement has been readily reached between the Australian Taxi Drivers Association (the Sydney-based national body for bailee taxi drivers and owner/lesee taxi drivers) and the PDA. Both organisations are committed to working together in coming years to transform the industry to "world's best" practice.  Other taxi driver associations from around Australia are now contacting the Professional Drivers' Association Inc. and are expressing the view that a united Australia-wide front is needed.  The PDA wholly agrees with that view.

The PDA is determined to promote the professional image of the future industry business model, to be innovative and pro-active in expanding the role for taxis, Hire cars and innovative 'Share Ride' systems, to be customer-focussed and to provide the public with easy opportunities for continuous feedback.

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