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This PDA website will offer benefits to all REGISTERED site users.  The PDA will publish regular Newsletters which will carry paid advertising and advertisers will be encouraged to provide 'Special Offers' which will be made available to all registered site users.  Details of these offers will be communicated by 'profiled' emails automatically generated based of your chosen 'Interests' which you complete at the time of registration. You can update/amend those at anytime after initial registration.

Sections of this website are "Sponsored Links" and the PDA receives income from sponsors.  In return, the PDA provides a very large readership (site visitors) for these sponsors. No personal details of site visitors (casual or registered users) is available to advertisers or sponsors.

As taxi industry reform is implemented, you will be kept fully informed on a regular basis about all changes and you will always have the latest reliable information. We will be publishing regular 'Taxi User Education' articles and you will be able to print our "Taxi Hints" and carry them with you (one is concerned with "When is it legal for a taxi driver to refuse my fare?").

'Special Offer' vouchers will be available on the website - all you have to do is print the voucher(s) and present them to enjoy the benefits of the redemption offer.

Of course, the benefits for taxi and Hire Car drivers will be significant.  This group of hard-working individuals will find that this website (and allied PDA campaigns) will enable drivers to take their industry concerns straight to government.  The website will be used to publicise organised "Campaigns for Change."  Improved driver remuneration is to be one of the most significant aspects of true taxi industry reform and the PDA will be at the forefront of an unrelenting push to ensure that drivers are paid much more than is now the case.

The PDA website will provide opportunities to record service complaints and registered users will be encouraged to complete surveys which will record all details of service failures.  The taxi industry has covered-up hundreds of thousands of customer complaints and has a dismal record when it comes to resolution, feedback and compensation in matters of poor service delivery. This has led to a reduction in the annual number of taxi trips and that is of great concern to drivers who are paid 'by the trip.'

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