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Taxi Tips

Many taxi passengers do not know their rights when booking, hailing or riding in a taxi. This can give rise to 'awkward' situations which can escalate to serious confrontations.  That need not be the case for it can be easily solved by knowing a few basic 'Taxi Tips.'

Also, taxi drivers do not always understand the rules and then they may do things that, un-necessarily, annoy taxi users.  Again, this can give rise to anger, frustration and arguments.

Simple misunderstandings can result in physical assaults and serious damage to taxi vehicles.

'Taxi Tips' published on this website by the Professional Taxi Drivers' Association Inc. (Registered No. A0058062V) is a series of ready-reference guides for taxi users and drivers which will clearly state the rules and will minimise conflict.

After all, your taxi experience should be a pleasant one - every time!

Each of the articles in the 'Taxi Tips' series can be printed (using the 'View Printable Version' button at the foot of the article).  Print them out and carry them with you - who knows, you may be able to show a taxi driver what is what!

When you read the various 'Taxi Tips' you may be surprised.

Some titles in the series are:-

When may a taxi driver refuse my fare?

*  What are the rules about my rights concerning the operation of the airconditioning and the radio (AM/FM) in a taxi?

*  What is the law concerning pre-payment of fares?

*  Must the taxi always have a working EFTPOS machine and must the driver accept my fare payment by card?

*  What do those lights on the taxi roof mean?

*  How do I increase my chances of catching a taxi when it is busy?

During the course of the Fels Taxi Inquiry, it was suggested that a "Passenger Education" campaign would do much to lessen passenger/driver conflicts and ensure that your taxi rides in the future will be enjoyable.

Please do your bit and read our 'Taxi Tips,' print them out and carry them with you.

Oh, and don't forget to tell all of your family and friends about 'Taxi Tips' because we also need them to "get onboard." 

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